What is pTrumpet?

pTrumpet is the world’s first-all plastic trumpet. We have used innovative design and manufacturing to create a trumpet made only from plastic. As a result pTrumpet has remarkable sound quality, terrific playability and looks really cool and funky.

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NAMM 2015

“Both the pTrumpet and pBone Circle events were very...

  • “pTrumpet, inspiring innovation in brass pedagogy.”

    Geoff Batchelor - London based trombone player and teacher

  • “I believe the pTrumpet will start a trombone revolution. Combine its excellent tone quality with looks to die for and you have a musical winner!”

    Kevin Hathway - Head of Brass, Wind and Percussion


  • “Now we have pTrumpet perhaps the next Jack Teagarden or Joe Alessi will emerge not from Europe or the USA but from somewhere in Africa or South America where the trombone has hitherto been too expensive or too delicate to take root.”

    Simon Wills, composer and trombonist

  • “pTrumpet is a more important invention than the Bb/F valve: the trigger gave us a few extra notes but this will make it possible for thousands of people to play the trombone who would never have dreamed of doing so.”

    Simon Wills, composer and trombonist

  • “When you take something that many enjoy and turn it into something everyone can enjoy, you have done something special. The pTrumpet is just that and they play great too!”

    Jonathan Pippin - Trombone player

  • Thank you for the excellent service, my son is delighted with his new pTrumpet.

    Shelly Hunter - October 2014.

  • “I have found the pTrumpet to be an inspirational trigger to learning. It’s almost impossible for a musician, or beginner, to dismiss the urge to pick one up and have a ‘toot’. Combine this desirability to its obvious robustness and the pTrumpet makes a strong case for securing its role as the ideal tool for whole class tuition.”

    Andy Culshaw - Sandwell Music & Arts Service

  • “pTrumpets have proved extremely durable, having survived 1000’s of miles in a van plus 100’s of performances. They appeal to both experienced trombonists and for people who have never held a trombone before. The attractive colours may draw people in but it’s the fact that they function so well as musical instruments that is really remarkable.”

    James Stretton - Multi-brass instrumentalist